Friday, January 22, 2010

Recipes for Week 2

I have to remind myself that I'm supposed to be broadening my entrée repertoire, and should probably choose recipes to coincide with skill level, or, to be even more effective, specifically to learn/improve basic skills like knife work, use of spices, etc.

Instead, I think to myself: I have 2 avocados that I randomly bought bc the grocery store arranged a magnificent display front-center, now is as good a time as any to try my hand at guacamole! Or, oh, there was that really neat mochi recipe I wanted to try, maybe I'll do it this weekend?

Khao Soi Curry Noodles (mod)
Har Gow

Three Mochi Treatments (haven't chosen one yet)
White Chocolate Raspberry Mochi
Chocolate Nutella Mochi
Assorted Mochi

Shopping List
Wheat starch
Tapioca starch
Rice flour, glutinous (Mochiko)
Water chestnuts
Bamboo shoots (2 tbsp)
Sesame oil
Spring onion (1 stalk)
Shrimp (0.5 lb)
Red onion (1)
Cilantro leaves (2 tbsp)
Tomato (1)
White chocolate?

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