Monday, January 18, 2010

3-ingredient "kap"

The Thai word for food is "ahaarn". But in informal conversation, we don't use this word too often and say "rice" or "with rice" (any foods eaten with rice). So "Have you eaten yet?" literally translated can be "Have you eaten rice yet?"

I bring this cultural tidbit up bc I don't really have a name for the dish we had for dinner tonight -- basically ground turkey, chopped broccoli, and soy sauce.

Simple as anything to toss into a pot for a few minutes and serve up with rice, and tasted better than the moo shu we had for dinner yesterday. 8oz of ground meat will probably suffice for 2 people.

For variations, you can use pork instead of ground turkey, and finely chopped onions, green pepper, or celery instead of broccoli. My personal favorite combination would be pork, onion, and green pepper, "overcooking" the onion and green pepper so that it becomes slightly caramelized.

I use La Choy soy sauce bc it's easier to come by, but my preference is Healthy Boy Thai soy sauce, mushroom flavored (~$3 at Asian supermarket).

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