Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eggplant redux

I could have easily finished off the enchiladas, but decided to play nice and let M have the last serving. Eggplant it is...probably one of the least photogenic dishes out there, but mmm mmm good!

So this time I didn't bother measuring, and as a result learned something new: yes, it's important to test the flavoring and adjust accordingly, but when working with absorbent vegetables, perhaps it's better to wait a little bit before making any additions! (with the added complication that I eat it plain. It's meant to be served over rice!).

At any rate, I also managed to take photos before the entire thing vanished into my belly. Voilà ici:

Just these 4 ingredients plus eggplant!
I really don't use much of each ingredient; the eggplant adds about 1/2 cup of its own liquid, so there's really no need.
Dumped the freshly steamed eggplant into the bowl of sauce...
And gave it a stir! The color of the eggplant darkens a bit after 10-15 minutes, which indicates that it's probably OK to test the flavoring. Plus if you wait, it won't burn your mouth as much!
Btw, does anyone out there have first-hand experience w/ the inflammatory properties of eggplant/vegetables in this family? I'm really curious!

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