Thursday, October 28, 2010

A very American Bento Colors, 10/28

Too lazy to put together an elaborate bento today, so everything that went into my lunch is chilled or room temp.

Bottom tier (left-most): Organic mixed greens, plum tomatoes, and a little drizzle of really old Italian dressing

Middle tier: Tuna pasta salad (rotini, canned carrots & peas, 2 types of canned tuna -- tuna in olive oil with sundried tomatoes, and tonno, and a large dollop of light mayo). I debated whether to put this in the bottom tier, but I've had quite a lot of tuna lately and decided it'd be best to limit my mercury intake, however little difference there really is between the two tier sizes.

Top tier: A slice and a half of a salted olive oil rosemary loaf, spread with kalamata tapenade. Also stuck a few spelt lemon snaps into the top layer, and took along a banana.


A pretty autumn tree as taken from the train platform. Rather misleading, as it's supposed to be near 80 F degrees and super humid today...(but back to the 50s tomorrow).

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  1. อาหารแบบนี้
    ปาป้าจะเอา tuna stir fried w holy basil (กระเพรา) ใส่กระเทียม (garlic) ด้วย

    ส่วน pasta ก็เป็น ข้าวสวยร้อนๆ

    is it oak tree?
    over here leaves fall off almost 100%
    today i again raked the leaves to the side & cut the grass (last time)