Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pure Komachi 2 Knives

In Chinese tradition, receiving sharps as gifts isn't really a good thing. I had no awareness of this superstition until I received a pencil sharpener as a souvenir from one of my friends and my mother demanded I give him a quarter in return. Apparently if you receive a sharp as a gift, you're supposed to offer money to the giver (in essence, "buying" the knives from them) to keep bad luck away!

At any rate, ever since that transaction I've been afraid to receive sharps as gifts, and we never really had the funds set aside to invest in a good knife set (and why bother spending on a bad one?). We finally invested in the pleasantly affordable Pure Komachi 2 set by Kershaw. Not exactly as pictured above, but the 6-knife version as offered by Costco for a fraction of the listed cost. The price was right, and the reviews strong, so we're excited to try them out and hopefully spare our fingers any of the horror stories out there about how sharp Shun blades are. Big bonus points to Kershaw for letting customers send their blades in to be resharpened once a year -- for free!

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