Saturday, October 1, 2011

Laughing Cow Light Swiss

Oh, the horrors of the grade school lunchroom. I remember throwing my plastic lunchbag into the trash can by accident, and crying about it...the teacher on duty was so angry after the custodian fished it out for me, thinking that it must've been some really fancy bag for me to be carrying on so (it wasn't). And then the year I had a fever and immediately barfed my Campbell's chicken stars soup back up onto the table, in near-perfect condition...

Anyway. As a kid, I spent most of my lunches either wishing I could have a tin pail like Laura or Addy (even though I probably would've hated mince pie), or jealous of my friends who had normal, "American" lunches (and they jealous of my lunches, which for several years of my life consisted of the aforementioned soup in a Thermos made of dubious plastics). You know, the "standards" like PBJ, a cheese sandwich, a Cosmic brownie, string cheese, fruit snacks, salami, etc. One more special item on the list included those little Babybel cheese rounds...not so much bc I liked the taste of Babybel cheese (I didn't, back then), but it was always super fun to unwrap the cheese from its wax coating (and then, of course, to play with the wax).

The Laughing Cow company also manufactures "light creamy swiss" cheese wedges, which I suppose is the product they market to the adult "low fat" crowd. Costco sells these wheels in a multi-pack, which is amazing bc they're so versatile. Tuck a wedge into your lunch for a handy, tasty, quick-n-easy snack, open it up and use 'em as a spread on crackers, fruit, eggs, or as a substitute for cream cheese. Pre-portioned at 35 calories per wedge, you can't go wrong. I'm using one right now in combination with a parmesan-crusted bagel. Awesome!

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