Friday, December 9, 2011

ไข่เจียว - The frying process.

M wanted to learn how to make ไข่เจียว, so I took the opportunity to ask him to record the frying process in photos. The product:

Prepare your rice beforehand. Heat the oil until the pan is quite hot and slightly smoking.
The edges should puff up immediately (note: if you put too much oil, it will splatter -- be careful!).
Moving too quickly for the camera :)
Push the edges in with a heat-resistant spatula and tilt the pan to let uncooked egg run to the edges.
Repeat all the way around.
Until most of the runny egg has been diverted to the edges.
Flip! If you're making a very large omelette or find this task difficult, you may consider heating a 2nd pan and flipping the omelette into it.
Flip again onto your bowl of rice. I always think the underside browns more beautifully than the first side!
Unfortunately, our apartment isn't very well lit, and please ignore the various splatters on the stove, but hopefully you get the idea! Enjoy!

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