Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rhubarb sauce and Bean dip

Rhubarb sauce and bean dip....two completely unrelated dishes, but both amazing nonetheless.

At the Farmer's Market no the Square last Saturday, I picked up a few stalks of rhubarb. They weren't particularly nice-looking, but I figured it'd be good as a taster -- it's been a while since I last cooked up a batch of rhubarb sauce.


Rhubarb, rinsed
Butter (optional)
Custard (for serving)

The important thing is to make sure you remove the leaves completely -- they're poisonous. The pink and white parts of the stalk are perfectly good to use. Chop them into 1/4 or 1/2 inch pieces and toss them into a sauce pan or pot with a bit of water (add more as needed, depending on how thick you want your sauce to be). Cook until you can still see the pieces, but they've fallen apart and are mushy and all things nice. I continually poured in sugar until it tasted good...rhubarb is exceptionally tart, so this is is one of the few dishes where it isn't possible to cut or skimp on the sugar. I also tossed in a pat of butter to round out the taste. I'll be serving it with Ambrosia custard...and maybe also frozen custard! This is Wisconsin, after all.

This bean dip recipe was featured on the back of the refried beans can. Since I had all the ingredients on hand, I figured, why not? And the results are fantastic! I'll definitely be serving this all summer.


1 can refried beans
1 cup salsa
1 cup cheese

Method: Heat in microwave stirring every 1 min til hot. That's IT!

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