Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A snowy morning.

Bottom tier (330 mL): Onigiri (pre-packaged; reheated from frozen). Didn't have lettuce, so I lined the tier with leftover parchment paper.

Top tier (270 mL): Canned greens, Southern style; basil-tomato-provolone chicken balls.

The frozen onigiri and chicken balls are from Trader Joe's. I've had the chicken balls before, which are great -- we can pretend they're grilled on a stick, street-stall style! I'll edit when I can comment on how the onigiri fare.

Pretty good for reheated rice -- a little on the chewy side, but I rather like it. Tastes like they brushed La Choy all 'round the outside, though, so in the future will avoid pairing with the highly flavorful/salted chicken balls.

Personal criticisms? This bento lacks color, personality. It only appears appetizing if you're really hungry!

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